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No shoes sign at house parties?

December 15, 2016 0 comments

Heading to a party at a friend’s house with a big No Shoes sign at the front door? Do you have a no shoes policy at your house and wonder how to set expectations for your guests? This topic came up a while ago in the San Diego Union Tribune in my “Ask Jennifer Adams” column back in December of 2013. Today it still is a hot topic!

A no shoes policy for yourself and your family definitely helps keep your house cleaner and symbolizes the end of your day. Who wants to stay in their stuffy work shoes or heels! But when you have guests over, especially for larger parties, should you make them remove their shoes?

For a fancy party, let your guests know in advance. Or, simply hide your no shoes sign for the evening. Consider your guests’ comfort and efforts to coordinate their outfits, especially for events like New Year’s Eve. Or, provide shoe covers! Because of various medical reasons, some people need the support of sturdy shoes or slippers that are practically like shoes.

For a casual event, have a basket full of cozy socks appropriate for the season. A basket full of thick warm socks will keep your guests comfortable during winter.

Read the rest of my tips here. What do you do at your house? Let me know!

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