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Decorating guest bedrooms

November 10, 2016 2 Comments
decorating guest bedrooms

Decorating guest bedrooms that are inviting and welcoming is easy and fun! This holiday season, give your guests all the comforts of home and more. These ideas for decorating guest bedrooms for warmth — visually and physically – will delight everyone.

Here are our tips for warming up your guest room. And good luck getting your guests to leave!

Layer the bedding. 

Because some people sleep hot and some cold, your guests will appreciate options to adjust their own comfort. So make the bed with luxuriously soft sheets, a blanket and a light to medium weight comforter or duvet. Have a few spare blankets stacked in the open or handy in the closet.

Texture adds warmth both visually and literally.

As you decorate guest bedrooms, add extra throw blankets  so your guests will be toasty warm as they cuddle up with a book, watch TV, nap or lounge.

Place fresh, cozy robes folded neatly on the bed for your guests to use. Check these plush robes out!

If you don’t have carpeting, put an area rug by the side of the bed so your guests’ feet stay warm.

Have a portable electric heater available if the guest room is particularly drafty.

Reading lamps by the bed are inviting and comforting.

Turn them on shortly before your guests arrive. Use a warm colored light bulb, as the bluish LEDs feel cold and can keep people from falling asleep. Dimmer switches make it even easier to control the light!

Insulating window treatments help control drafts as well as the light. Layer with a soft, light filtering sheer, an opaque shade and, lastly, a beautiful fabric drape to enhance the decor.

Choose calming colors that have some warmth to them.

Creamy off-whites feel warmer than snowy whites and look just as fresh. Pale sage greens, soft yellows, sandy beige, tan, and warm gray tones set the stage. Accent with indigo, paprika orange, turquoise and deep reds for interest and drama.

Set out mugs, spoons, a small basket of tea packets, cider mix and all the supplies for a quick cup of coffee in your kitchen. Some fruit, small packets of nuts or granola bars make a welcoming snack. Your guests will appreciate the convenience especially if they are used to a different time zone. And add coasters or glass tops to your furniture if you’re concerned about spills.

What did we forget? Let us know how you go about decorating guest bedrooms in the comments below!

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sjmacd November 26, 2016 at 6:09 am

A heated mattress pad is the best thing ever for a cold room.

Brittany Brewer December 6, 2016 at 12:47 pm

Great tip!


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