Travel Tips For Exploring A New City

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As much as we all love snuggling up and relaxing at home (I know I do!), exploring a new city is exciting. But sometimes, visiting a brand new city can be overwhelming.

There are ways to feel at home, no matter where you’re traveling. Here are some top travel tips for feeling at home while exploring a new city so you can have a fun, relaxing visit.

Make sure you hit the highlights.

Before you head to your destination, scroll through some travel websites that offer local reviews like Travelocity or flip through a local guidebook to find out what the main attractions are. Decide which ones are important to you and begin prioritizing which travel spots you want to see most. You’ll be sure to come back home with no regrets planning your travels.

Get travel advice from the locals.

Whether it’s friends who live in the new-to-you city or just the concierge at your hotel, find out where the locals hang out and hit those spots. No sense spending your entire trip with other tourists!

Too nervous to talk to the locals? You’d be amazed how helpful Uber and Lyft drivers can be. They’re the perfect locals for advice. They typically know their cities inside and out, plus all the spots that most tourists wouldn’t!

Opt to walk.

While it can be tempting and convenient to grab cabs everywhere, opt to walk instead. Every time you take a walk around a new city, you see things that you wouldn’t notice if you were whizzing by in a car, even if you were paying attention out the windows. This way, you also save money on cab fare, giving you more money to enjoy all the great local spots.

If it’s just too far to walk, use public transit.

If it’s good enough for the locals, it’s good enough for us. Grab a subway pass or some bus fare to get around a city for less than the cost of a taxi. Public transit is also the perfect way to meet locals from all around the city.

Eat the local cuisine.

Every city has at least one restaurant it’s known for – so whether it’s lobster rolls in Boston or tacos in Austin, be sure to sample the best of the best. You should already know where that is, since you’ve been chatting with locals!

Avoid getting foods that you know you could get back home or make at home yourself. Try the most outrageous to you entrees and give your palette an adventure of its own!

Be spontaneous.

Don’t limit yourself on your explorations, stop sticking to the main areas of your new-to-you city. Go beyond the city hot-spots and popular travel destinations, do things you wouldn’t normally do at home. Adventure into the wilderness searching for some picturesque waterfalls, take that scuba diving lesson you’ve always thought about, or ride up the mountain side horseback! You are your only limitation.

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