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The Essential Summer Grill Guide

May 13, 2016 0 comments
summer backyard bbq

What’s your favorite scent of late spring and early summer… freshly cut grass? Roses in full bloom? The fragrance of a sun-warmed tomato plant? Rain on hot pavement? Or could it be… your favorite foods cooking up on a grill?

We love cooking and eating outdoors! A summer holiday or no occasion at all, it’s just fun enjoying the company of friends and family, and savoring the smokey flavors. Here are some of our favorite ideas to help you choose and maintain that little piece of summer!

  • Charcoal or gas? Some argue that authentic grill flavor is lost without charcoal. But a gas grill is easier to start, just press a button or light a match. Add soaked wood chips to a gas grill for a more authentic flavor from hickory to mesquite, depending on your recipe.
  • Large or small? This depends on your budget and space. A gigantic shiny gas grill like this one from Costco is the pride and joy of many a proud cook, but smaller or even tabletop models work great for smaller spaces or if you’re cooking infrequently or for just a couple of people. A portable camping model is perfect if you like to travel.
  • What about a smoker? A smoker like these by Traeger cooks indirectly, like an oven, instead of directly, like a real grill with flames. Smokers are perfect for tender cooking large pieces of meat for a long time, but you won’t get those classic grill marks. Try cooking a whole chicken or two, a meat loaf or casserole for a flavorful smoky touch!
  • Can I cook a pizza on a grill? Some gas grills have an indirect option, but the smaller grills with just one level you’ll need to be careful or use a pizza stone like this. It turns your regular grill into an oven and you get that wood-fired flavor. Yum!!
  • I’m a vegetarian, should I get a grill? Yes! Grilled vegetables of any kind are amazingly tasty, and we love to char peppers and roast other veggies and corn for use in recipes or as side dishes, even if we fire up the whole grill for a five minute job. Corn on the cob boiled just doesn’t compare to grilled. Go for it!
  • Can I grill year round? Of course! You’ll be more comfortable if you’re protected from the weather, your grill doesn’t care. And just make sure you can keep the food hot, don’t let it sit outside.

For some additional grilling tips, see this article on the Better Homes and Gardens website. What’s your favorite grill? Let us know!

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