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Spring Cleaning: Things To Clean Right Now

March 23, 2016 0 comments
Spring Cleaning Ideas

cleaning bucket shutterstock_124163713Got plans for this weekend? How about this evening! Here is an idea… get a head start on your spring cleaning. A clean home is a healthy one, and it smells nicer, too. Take on just one room or task at a time, so you don’t waste your whole weekend, that’s no fun!

Usually we think about spring cleaning as big projects like windows and other labor intensive things. Here are some ways to gain an immediate sense of satisfaction as well as prepare for the bigger tasks.

Start with cleaning and decluttering your cleaning supplies Clean cleaning supplies clean much better. First get rid of old products you don’t like and the empty bottles you’re thinking you’ll reuse — unless they’re refillable like our Whole House Cleaning Solution products. You don’t want to be mixing cleaning products anyway. Edit your rag supply, replace the gloves, sanitize or replace the scrub brushes. Clean the bucket you store all that in, too.

Then do something easy, like clean the cover to your bathroom fan. A vacuum cleaner with the soft brush attachment will help, but for a real sense of accomplishment, remove the cover, wash it, and vacuum everything else you can easily reach. Just be careful not to bend anything.

Your dishwasher and washing machine. Yep, clean the things you use to clean. Do you have a lot of soap residue inside your machine? Use less detergent. Seriously, you don’t need a lot. Wipe down all surfaces, but don’t use bleach on the rubber gaskets. Pull out the filters and clean. Remove residue and dust from the soap dispensers.

To reduce odors in washing machines and dishwashers For washing machines use a cleaning tablet, especially for front loading washing machines. For dishwashers, place a bowl just large enough to hold 1 cup of white vinegar, and run it with no other dishes.

Clean your ice and water dispenser Summertime is coming soon, and you’ll be using more ice. There is always moisture around the dispenser, so mold grows easily. Take a look at the manufacturer’s instructions, and resolve to sanitize this area more frequently, like, weekly at least.

Range hood filters and vents. A lot of grease and dust collects up in there. Some filters can be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Check your manufacturer’s instructions for more information!

See this post for more information, as well as a recipe for a very effective bleach solution. And share your cleaning accomplishments!

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