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5 Yoga Poses That Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster

March 1, 2016 0 comments
5 yoga poses designed to help you sleep better!

There are not many things as frustrating as when you hit the sack next to your partner and the minute their head hits the pillow they’re out like a light, while I toss and turn struggling to shut my mind off, battling to fall asleep. Falling asleep and forgetting the never-ending lists of things to do isn’t always easy. Its the perfect time to have a little downtime for you!

Here’s something anyone can do that doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes. You’ll be surprised to find that doing these 5 yoga poses from the comfort of your own bed, can make falling asleep easier for you!

Even if you’re no yoga master, you should know that the deep breathing and release of thought during yoga exercise relaxes your body and combats stress – getting your mind ready for rest. All of the yoga poses below release tension and bring restorative stretching to your muscles and joints.

Before you begin doing these yoga poses, start with sitting up straight and inhaling and exhaling for ten (count em, 10) slow and deep breaths.

Pose 1: Legs-Up-The-Wallyoga poses to help you sleep

(2 minutes)
Sit with your legs straight up against the wall and spread your arms out comfortably beside you with your palms facing up.

This yoga pose is simple and great for people who are on their feet a lot. Switching up the circulation of blood flow is good for your heart and promotes healing properties for your body. When finished, bend your knees and roll to one side.


Pose 2: Child’s Pose yoga poses to help you sleep

(2 minutes)
Sit comfortably on your heels, then fold your upper body forward, bringing your chest as close to your knees (or the ground) as you can, moving your arms out in front of you as far as you can stretch with the palms of your hands touching the ground.  Rest your forehead to the ground.

yoga poses to help you sleepPose 3: Rock and Spine Roll

(1-2 minutes)
Lay on your back and tuck your knees into your chest.  Cross your ankles and wrap your arms around them to hold them in.  Slowly roll along your spine, side to side and up and down.

yoga poses to help you sleepPose 4: Spinal Twist

(2 minutes)
From the Rock and Spine Roll pose, stay on your back and gently bring your knees together and set them to your left side.  Leave your arms out resting to your sides bent at the elbow, palms facing up.  Turn your neck and head to face to the right.  This pose releases tension throughout your entire spine.  After one minute switch sides.

yoga poses to help you sleepPose 5: Corpse Pose

(2 minutes)
Lay on your back, extend your legs out straight in front of you, place your left hand over your heart, and your right over your belly.  Let your entire body sink and soak into this pose.

And that’s that – you’ll be out in no time!  You can extend the length of any yoga pose if you desire. Good night!

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